A community directed cross chain arbitrage experiment born on Algorand

An Algorand Standard Asset (ASA)

Arbitraz (ARBZ) was minted on Algorand on December 23, 2023 because of it’s low transaction fees, great community and ground breaking technology. ARBZ was quickly paired with ALGO, wBTC, USDC and EURS on Algorand to begin generating trading fees, which is the main focus of the token. Since then, ARBZ has been bridged and paired on the Avalanche C-Chain.

Circulating Supply (Algorand & Avalanche)
Locked Supply

Current Liquidity

USDC (Tinyman, Uniswap)

EURS (Pact, Tinyman)

GALGO (Pact)

COOP (Pact, Tinyman)

WBTC (Pact, Tinyman)

GOBTC (Pact)

WAVAX (Pact)

WSOL (Pact)


AVAX (Uniswap)

XALGO (Uniswap)

Locked Liquidty